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We put our experience in agriculture, restaurants, offices, and related businesses, to work building a personalized and custom program to meet your specific business needs.

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Safety, loss prevention, and H.R. are our specialities and we do not push to outside service vendors. We are 100% in-house.

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Many “services” from insurance companies are simply lawyer templates that make you do all of the leg work. That’s not how we operate.

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We don’t wait around for things to happen, rather we find answers that are in the best interest of your business.

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We are committed to bringing you honest, quality service at a fair price. Our systems, followed properly should save you money, time and remove some stress from your business environment.

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Overtime pay in California is based on the employee’s “regular rate of pay,” which is not always an employee’s normal hourly wage and must include almost all forms of pay that the employee receives. Yesterday, the California Supreme Court ruled that an employer must calculate the regular rate of pay by dividing the employee’s total […]


We recently recieved this article from CalChamber and wanted to pass along this information as quickly as we could.  Please take necessary steps to avoid problems with these scams.  March 5, 2018 Gail Cecchettini Whaley, CalChamber Senior Employment Law Counsel HRWatchdog, HRCalifornia’s Employment Law Blog, © California Chamber of Commerce. (Must have link back […]

Job Killer Bill to Start 2018

Assembly Appropriations Committee to Hear Job Killer Bill Cal-Chamber sent out the article below.  I am putting it here in hopes that all of you in California will take this very seriously and notify your assembly person.-Jeff Schanbacher, HR Mobile Services, Inc. January 18, 2018 Laura Curtis The Assembly Appropriations Committee today will consider a […]

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Currently we manage close to 30,000 employees in 16 states with more on the way. Although our specialty is the agriculture and related industries (ag trucking, farming, dairy, nuts, farm labor contractors, other consulting firms), we are well grounded in many small businesses including restaurants and offices.


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