New Proposed Rules for Heat Illness!!

The following is quoted from Loss Prevention Specialists, LLC:

DOSH Seeks Major Changes to Heat Illness Standard

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health has just proposed major revisions to California’s heat illness prevention standard. The action


is not formal rulemaking, but sending its proposal to the Standards Board is a big first step in revising the almost 10-year-old regulation. California has lead the nation in heat illness standards.

Employers with heat exposures may be well advised to begin adoption in advance.

Among the proposed revisions:

• Requiring employers to provide drinking water as close as practicable but no more than 400 feet from employees, with some wiggle room.

• Shade to be provided when temperatures hit 80 degrees (currently 85F) and no farther than 700 feet from workers.

• Employees who need to take a “cool-down rest” cannot be ordered back to work until symptoms of heat illness have abated. Employers also would have to monitor the worker during the rest period and provide emergency services if the symptoms worsen.

• High-heat procedures would kick in at 85 degrees, instead of the current 95F. The draft also adds specific instructions for observing employees for heat illness signs during high-heat.

• Expanding the training topics that must be provided to employees.

• Adding specific instructions on what must be contained in employers’ written heat illness prevention procedures.

• Requiring supervisors to take “immediate action” if employees show signs of heat illness. Such employees would have to be offered emergency medical services before they could be sent home.

Once the Standards Board reviews the draft, it might return it to DOSH for changes or for questions. No timetable has been set for formal adoption but this appears to be on a fast track.

Editor Note:  If you are a HR Mobile Services, Inc. customer, we are already addressing some of these actions before they become law or regulation.


Recently, there has been a mailing going to businesses all over California stating that you may be out of compliance if you do not have mandated postings updated IMMEDIATELY!!!!  This happens in all states, really, and it is a big hoax.  This is actually a marketing piece from a company that wants to sell you a “all-in-one poster” for about $20 or more.

Let me first tell you, that if you are a customer of HR Mobile Services, Inc., we already keep your posters (or clipboards) up to date.  You do not have to do anything.  It is one of the reasons you hire us.  Second, in most cases, failure to have a required posting is not as drastic as they make it seem.  Usually towards the end of every year we spend a large amount of time watching the latest developments in certain laws and regulations on State and Federal sites and do our best to have those out to each of our customers as soon as they become available.  Sometimes the government is a little slow to comply with their own required timelines.