Recently, there has been a mailing going to businesses all over California stating that you may be out of compliance if you do not have mandated postings updated IMMEDIATELY!!!!  This happens in all states, really, and it is a big hoax.  This is actually a marketing piece from a company that wants to sell you a “all-in-one poster” for about $20 or more.

Let me first tell you, that if you are a customer of HR Mobile Services, Inc., we already keep your posters (or clipboards) up to date.  You do not have to do anything.  It is one of the reasons you hire us.  Second, in most cases, failure to have a required posting is not as drastic as they make it seem.  Usually towards the end of every year we spend a large amount of time watching the latest developments in certain laws and regulations on State and Federal sites and do our best to have those out to each of our customers as soon as they become available.  Sometimes the government is a little slow to comply with their own required timelines.

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