We had a report yesterday from a dairy in the Buttonwillow area that there was a person spying on the dairy from the road.  We have previously reported on this issue.  The herdsman saw a van with dark tinted windows parked on the road next to the dairy fence.  There was one man apparently with a camera focused on one of the corrals and as soon as the herdsman approached the van, they jumped in and drove off very fast.

Again, we advise that  you do not become overly confrontational or threatening.  You can have someone hold a blanket on a stick in front of the camera so they get discouraged and leave, but remember, if they are on the road, it is public property and you do not have a right to confiscate equipment.  If you feel they are bothering your employees or animals, you can contact the Sherriff’s office and ask that they not agitate the animals.

We are not sure of the actual affiliation of this group at this time, but we wanted everyone to be aware that the same events that were going on in Northern California, are now hitting the south valley area.  If you see someone, call your neighbors, or call us.

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