ObamaCare Scams Beginning

Here is a warning from the Better Business Bureau of Central California. You may want to let your employees know about this as well.

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Obama Care Scams

Fresno, Ca- In less than a week, October 1st, the health insurance exchanges will open to consumers. Your BBB serving Central California would like to warn consumers of potential scams that might be going around or that eventually will be around over the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately this brings in confusion for many consumers which helps scammers take advantage and want to scam you.
Typically when any new government program comes out it brings out a lot of confusion. Scammers will try to play on the fear and confusion consumers will have especially those who have absolutely no idea of what to do when the Affordable Care Act begins.

The most recent scam your BBB has been aware of is the “Affordable Care Card” The way the scam works is, a scammer calls a consumer and claims to be from the federal government. The caller will tell the potential victim that he or she needs an Obama Care insurance card. Then the con artist will tell the consumer that he or she must provide personal information such as a bank account or social security number in order to get the card.
Blair Looney, President & CEO of your Better Business serving Central California says, ” consumers should always be cautious when anyone calls you asking for personal information of any kind.” If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with the government, you should hang up the phone. Remember the government will never call you.
Follow these tips:
• Hang up the phone. If you get one of these calls, just hang up. You may be tempted to call back, but this will only give the scammer another oppurtunity to steal your information. Also, be sure not to press any buttons the scammer instructs.

• Never give out personal information. Never give out your bank account numbers, date of birth, credit cards or Social Security number.

• Don’t rely on called ID. Some scammers are able to display a company’s name or phone number on the caller ID screen. Don’t trust that the information you see is true.

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