Help with SDS and Global Harmonization

If you are looking to  comply with the new Global Harmonization standards that begin in December, 2013, you may want to read on.  In conversation with Cal\OSHA, I asked them what they would be looking for as the law unfolds.  First and foremost is that you are training your employees regarding the pictograms and the use of the 16 sections of the SDS sheet.  Most important there is that they know to get a copy to send along with any employee who is going to a clinic because they were injured by a chemical in the SDS book.

The other main focal point for Cal\OSHA is secondary containers.  Previously, when you moved a chemical from the main container to a smaller container, you just wrote on the bottle what was inside.  Not any more!!!  Now you must identify the secondary container with the appropriate pictogram and warnings.  I have found that you can get a roll of stickers from to use on those secondary containers.  It is a small cost to save a expensive fine during a visit from Cal\OSHA and we recommend you look into purchasing any required stickers.